The Wells Family

Our family relocated from Birmingham, AL to Charlotte, NC in 2006 to join BOLD Church®.  Before relocating to Charlotte, we had attended several conferences held by the church. Each of these conferences had been a life changing experience for us. Listening to the voice of God, we decided that it was time to move. This was a huge life changing experience for us since we only had a few friends in Charlotte and no family in the city. Nevertheless, we trusted the Word of God that was on the inside of Pastors Keith and Carolyn Spellman.

To this day, our family has no regrets and we are continually growing in the Word of God and telling other of His goodness. BOLD Church® has truly been a blessing for us. We believe the best is yet to come at BOLD Church®!



Friday Night Fuel
One hour of praise and worship!



Men's Ministry
Ministry for men age 18+.



Friday Night Fuel
One hour of praise and worship!

Mark 12:30-31