Minister Deonn Leath

If what you needed personally to change your life was 35 miles away, what would stop you from getting there? My answer to that question for the past six years has been NOTHING.  See, love will make you drive into another city to be in its company. When you have found love, gas prices and mileage on your car is never a factor in stopping you from where you are going.  

At BOLD Church®, I found the Love of Jesus. I was not looking for an elegant building or searching for a family to be accompanied with, they just happen to be there.  I was searching for Jesus. Not only did I find the LOVE OF JESUS but I found Pastors Keith & Carolyn Spellman being magnets to every precepts of God's word. Everybody's church home is the best church in the city, BOLD Church® just happens to be my highly recommended place.



Friday Night Fuel
One hour of praise and worship!



Men's Ministry
Ministry for men age 18+.



Friday Night Fuel
One hour of praise and worship!

Mark 12:30-31